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Modern Clinical Research Support


Fully Integrated Suite of clinical research support services.

Extremely Adaptive Design accommodates all research parameters.

All-Inclusive Dashboards with role-based access.

One-Click Design Integration simplifies patient management.

Full HIPAA Compliance guarantees the security of participant data.

The ANTIDOTE Advantage



The success of clinical trials depends on patient recruitment and retention. 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients. With an average dropout rate of 30%, keeping patients on a protocol is about more than compliance. Patients who pass screening and randomization drop out of clinical trials because they are physically unable to participate or they face financial constraints. Patients also misunderstand expetations and experience hardships when trying to commute to screening and surgical sites.


Patients who drop out of drug trials before completion report that it is difficult to understand consent forms, their questions aren’t answered fully, and that site visits are stressful. While our research has indicated that it’s difficult to control all the dropout factors, others can be prevented by adopting patient expectations into the clinical trial protocol to minimize inefficiencies and burdens.


The ANTIODOTE CRS Platform is a reliable and cost-effective support system to help CROs reach critical trial milestones by increasing patient recruitment, retention, and satisfaction. It was designed by the patient management experts at Paragon Global CRS in order to help clinical research organizations manage expense reimbursements, stipend management, drug delivery, and participant surveys.


Paragon Global CRS also offers to our customers a full staff of clinical research and patient management experts who are ready to provide additional support for study participants. Our staff are available to promptle answer patient questions, explain the importance of their participation, and respond to each patient’s needs on a one-on-one basis.


We have over 30 years’ experience and specialize in helping CROs ensure the overall success of clinical drug trials. We have built our business around providing services that foster participant-centric trials support. We developed the ANTIDOTE CRS Platform as an extension of our experience and commitment to reducing the anxiety that patients may have about their participation in clinical trials. We help participants secure transportation to clinical sites and mediate potential financial burdens that they may experience to reduce withdrawal rates and enhance the participant’s overall experience.