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Healthcare Regulations and Compliance


Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries in the world, which is why it’s paramount for pharmaceutical companies to be confident that vendors understand industry guidelines that secure data for clinical trials. The logistics experts at Paragon Global CRS take regulatory compliance seriously and we designed our signature Antidote CRS software platform to be fully HIPAA compliant.

  • PHI is encrypted in transit and at rest to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • All of our HIPAA-compliant servers are diligently monitored by trained IT personnel and supported by the experts at Amazon Web Services data centers in the United States.
  • We have a documented disaster recovery plan to ensure that important data can be recovered in case of an unexpected disaster.
  • Our software was developed in conjunction with HIPAA experts.
  • ANTIDOTE CRS is hosted on a HIPAA-compliant platform with full audit support in the case of data breaches.
  • Paragon Global CRS has executed BAAs with all vendors and hosting providers, binding all parties to report any violation of a patient’s PHI.