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Financial Support for Clinical Trial Participants

  • Reduce participant drop out rates with expense management services that are responsive to patient needs.
  • Maintain confidentiality and compliance by working with a HIPAA-compliant travel agency.
  • Tailor reimbursement and and other financial services to your protocol.
  • Work with industry leaders to resolve financial obstacles quickly and elminiate the financial burdens that jeopardize the success of your clinical trial.

Participant enrollment in clinical trials is one of the top industry-wide challenges pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face, unfortunately, many potential trial participants never enroll into studies due to the travel and expense challenges they foresee. Even worse, these are the same issues participants report as their reason for dropping out of trials.


We understand the challenges clinical trial participants enounter, which is why we designed our software to track all aspects of clinical trial patient travel, including expense management. Our customized patient travel programs are designed around your protocol to provide a new level of service to your study participants.


The ANTIDOTE Platform is a unique, service-first technology that allows CROs to communicate directly with our offices through a HIPAA-compliant portal to arrange travel, make hotel accommodations, and manage the trial participants’ expenses.


Our clinical trials travel agency works with clinical research site staff, trial participants and their caregivers to coordinate all of the participants travel needs in a confidential and compliant manner.