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The ANTIDOTE Platform was designed by PARAGON Global CRS to support researchers, physicians, and patients in clinical trials.

Travel is essential for the success of clinical drug trials. No company understands this more than PARAGON Global CRS. For more than 30 years, we have been providing global logistics support for clinical research. Now, we have translated our expertise and our commitment to good outcomes into a secure software platform for CROs.

The ANTIDOTE Platform was developed to help CROs coordinate patient travel, expense reimbursement, and stipend management. Our services support CROs in their quest to find cures by ensuring participant enrollment and retention.

The ANTIDOTE Platform is a service-first technology that we provide to our clinical research partners along with one-on-one participant and site support. Our real experts help participants get to their appointments and personally walk them through the more complicated parts of drug trials, like stipend management and expense reimbursement.

We understand that participants have special needs that can make clinical trials stressful, which is why we’ve developed a unique NEEDS Tracker so that participants always have access to necessary equipment and specialized travel support.


ANTIDOTE operates around the clock, allowing coordination between clinical sites, participants, and researchers around the world. Schedule appointments, request reimbursements, and view real-time data 24/7.